Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Savings, anxiety and rolling over

And the award for most random title goes to... me :-)

As part of my efforts to be a stay at home mom, I have made it my mission to save on as many things as possible. Maverick needed a jumper. So we went to Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child and I didn't like any of them that they had. I'm a teacher, I have to have things as educational as possible... So I went to Babies R Us. The one I liked was 119.99, so we didn't buy it. I never buy something that expensive without doing online research to see if I could find it cheaper. Long story short, I never did the research (more on that later) but I decided he needed it asap, so I went back to BRU to get it. They had a floor model on sale for 45.90! I was so excited!

Here he is enjoying his new bouncer (after it was *thoroughly* cleaned) And, he doesn't even care that it was the floor model. That's my boy ;-)

As you may notice, the tone of my blog has changed. It has gone from whiny, depressing, whoa-is-me, to my normal comical self. This is a result of the wonders of Paxil. For those of you who are not acquainted with my dear friend Paxil, it is an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant. It really makes me feel like ME again. Maybe now we can get on with this blog with a sense of humor :-) A few posts ago, you will notice that I mentioned one of the side effects was anxiety. Well, I am happy to announce that I am not having that symptom, but I am having another- low appetite! Its a win-win! But maybe now I can get on with my life, instead of living in a cloud like I have been for the last few weeks/months. I wasn't wanting to do anything, I was crying all the time, my heart would race, and the most scary- my thoughts would be fuzzy, almost like I was disoriented. Scary stuff! But I think I'm back. Look out world :-0 

Rolling over. 
My dear, sweet, gifted Maverick rolled over today. For the last few days, he has been rolling up on his side, but he wasn't quite sure how to get his arm out of the way. So tonight when he was on his side, I was watching him (because that's what I do) and he just roooolllleeeeddd over. I say it like that because the whole thing seemed to take a lllllloooooonnnnngggg time. So I called Christopher down and he immediately noticed that Maverick was on his tummy and when he went up, he was on his back. So, Christopher put him back on his back and he did it again! And he's been doing it all evening. SO CUTE! 

So that was my day. I must go now because I hear Maverick saying AHHahhAHHahh to Christopher. Thats his new thing- yelling. Not like he's upset, just a loud voice. Its quite cute- I think even you would agree. :-)

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  1. Maverick looks adorable in his jumper! I think you're a great mom and as long as you do what you think is best for you and Maverick - that's all you can do. There will always be Negative Nellys trying to tell you that you are doing things wrong or shouldn't be doing something, etc. Ignore them - they are not his mother. You know what is best for y'all. More power to you girl and by the way - I am so glad that the meds are working for you and you're getting back to YOU! :)