Monday, February 28, 2011


People keep telling me I am spoiling Maverick... so let me get a few things off my chest.

Yes, he sleeps in the bed with us. He will continue to do so until he doesn't want to, or until he gets married, whichever comes first. I would still be sleeping in the bed with Nana and Pal if I was able. Do you know how that made me feel? Loved.

Yes, when Maverick is so sleepy his eyes are heavy and he's making his sad face, we drive him in the car. It relaxes him,  and he goes to sleep. Maverick will NEVER be allowed to "cry it out". I think that is cruel. When I tried for two years to get pregnant, I was fully aware that sleeping for me would be a luxury.

Yes, my husband and I like being with him. We do go on date nights once in a blue moon, but for the most part, I prefer to play with Maverick. Once again, when I tried to get pregnant for 2 years, I knew that time alone with Christopher would be a luxury. We like spending time as a family.

Yes, we have made the choice that I will be a stay at home mom. Yes, I do know how many sacrifices I will have to make. Yes, I'm more than ok with that. Hand to God, I will give up eating if that's what it takes. I've been building up fat for years, I will be fine :-) Let me see, is it more important that I get my nails done, or be home to see my son grow up? HMM... On that note, I will always put his needs before mine. Always.

Get used to it people. There will be many things in the coming years that people don't like that I do. I might even buy him a brand new car when he's 16! GASP!

What y'all call spoiled, I call loved. If I achieve one thing in this life, I want Maverick to know that I love him. Fully, unconditionally, without measure. I will NEVER take a single moment of his life for granted.

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  1. love this!!! All 3 kids slept with us. Still have 1 ending up in there with us. Waking up with those little faces was priceless. I have been a SAHM for 10 years. it is hard, I get fed up frequently, but my quality of life is great. We live a relaxed life. We have a nice home, nice cars and go on great vacations. It takes discipline but is worth it.