Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I started this blog to record my pregnancy, and now Maverick's life. I've never been much of a diary or journal person, because what is the point of writing for just myself to see? I write to entertain, which I hope I have done in my latest, post-Paxil posts. (Say that 3 times fast)

I frequently think about blogging. Sometimes something will happen and I will think "I should blog about this." I'm not really sure why, as I only have 6 followers, but that's not really the point. I do this for me. Like, the other day when we left Maverick with my cousin Kendale- it was the first time he's been with anyone besides me, Christopher or Nana- that would have been a good blog, to record my anxiety about that. (I couldn't even EAT- that never happens!) Or Maverick's new Barney fascination. (He's not quite 4 months old, not sure why he even knows about Barney, but when you put it on, he stops and he will stare at it for like the whole 30 minutes. I'm still not sure why Nana put TV on for him when I SPECIFICALLY told her not to, but I guess that's better than a lot of things she could be doing. I know he is loved by her, so I can overlook this) See, wouldn't this have made a great blog post?

Anyway, I want to blog, but then I get home and see my sweet Maverick and I completely forget about everything. I know I should be doing lesson plans, or making dinner or laundry or any number of things that are falling behind. I don't want to do any of them. We can have cereal for dinner again. I want to play with Maverick. All day when I am at work, I'm wondering what he is doing.

I also occasionally want to blog to relieve stress. Like when I had a bad day at work. But, I am a teacher and they frown on publicly bashing colleagues or parents. I just read a news story about a lady that vented on her blog. I don't want to be a news story, so I will keep my thoughts to myself. 
But I think it would be helpful to write about them sometimes. Being a teacher is great. I love teaching Kindergarten, the students make my day. It is the adults that cause problems. I look forward to my new job, where I am valued, respected, and irreplaceable.

T minus 56 school days until I am a stay at home mom. :-) WOOHOO

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  1. I do wish you blogged more - only because I really enjoy reading it but who could blame you for not, with that adorable little one at home?