Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 month check up

Today Maverick had his 4 month well baby check up.

He weighs: 18 pounds 7 ounces- 97th percentile
Length- 27 inches- 97th percentile
head- 17.5 inches- 95th percentile

I was pretty sure he was 20 pounds, but I'm relieved that he is 18 because that puts him further into the "normal" category for a baby his age.

* He wears 6-9 month clothes. I have no idea what size shoes he wears, because he doesn't wear shoes. He doesn't walk, so I really don't see the point in shoes.
* He can roll over from his back to his tummy
* He loves his hands and feet. He puts both in his mouth and is entertained by them for short periods of time.
* Nana introduced him to Barney. He loves it. At night, he refuses to go to sleep, so he is usually fussy... until he hears Barney. He will sit and watch it for the full 30 minutes. He doesn't really care for any other shows. I don't really like for him to watch tv (he is only 4 months old after all) but he is talked to and read to and sand to more than most kids, so I think its going to be ok.
* He is eating rice cereal, bananas and pears. I was going to make all of his baby food, but I did give him Earth's Best Organic pears. I will introduce new foods to him a little at a time. Next will be apples because he has already had apple juice, so I know he isn't allergic.
* He's really interested in us when we eat. He will follow the fork from your plate to your mouth. Then he opens his mouth and is irritated when no one feeds him.
* He doesn't really like having his picture taken. He will be smiling and laughing and I will try to get it and he will stop. I think he's on to me.
* the doctor said two different times he was ahead. (because he rolls from back to front rather than the other way, and because he puts his feet in his mouth)
* He LOVES bath time. He will splash and splash. Here is a picture of him in the bath tub. (picture blurred in case he ever wants to be president)

We will soon be finding a new pediatrician. The current one really made me mad today. We have made the choice not to vaccinate Maverick, which she knows about, and she ROLLED HER EYES AT ME. Umm, if you don't agree with my decision, that's fine. But just because you are a "doctor" doesn't give you the right to talk down to me. She was really condescending and I did not appreciate it. She tried to make me feel foolish for our decision and wouldn't accept the standard "we just don't feel it is for us". She wanted me to defend my position, but she knew from the start that she was going to "win" the argument. None of this happened last time, with this same doctor. 

As a general rule, I like to do things as naturally as possible. We don't really eat healthy, but we do eat mostly organic, and I try to buy only natural meats for Christopher. (I'm a vegetarian) Maverick isn't circumcised, because God gave him that foreskin for a reason, and I didn't think it was my place to cut a piece of him off. So I'm really not comfortable having foreign substances injected into my child's bloodstream. And the vaccinations may or may not cause Autism, auto-immune disorders, etc... and once its done, it cannot be undone. So I don't regret our decision not to vaccinate at all. But now I'm irritated because I have to find a new pediatrician. 

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