Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank you God

Thank you God for 2 extra days.

I usually do not wish for snow days because what seems fun to me, causes problems for other people. Some people HAVE to go to work on the dangerous roads, and I try not to be selfish.

This  year, I wished for snow days.

We had FOUR snow days this week. The first snow day added another day to the end of the year, the second snow day took away Good Friday. The last 2- DO NOT HAVE TO BE MADE UP. So thank you God, for 2 extra days with Maverick.

I've never been a religious person. I've always believed, but had my doubts about things, had problems with organized religion, etc.

But now I believe.

Whole heartedly, 100%. I know without a doubt that God answered my prayers. I NEEDED to spend time with Maverick. And Christopher. Christopher got a little cabin fever. He doesn't do well being couped up in the house. I didn't care. I was perfectly content, being at home doing the daily routine with Maverick.

The problem is, Maverick is happiest first thing in the morning. I miss that when I'm at work. But not the last 4 days. :-)

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