Sunday, January 30, 2011

I really have to do this?

OH MY GOD! I seriously do not want to work anymore.

The sub changed so many things in my classroom while I was out.  I guess she felt like she knew what was best for my class. She changed my behavior management plan, the line order, she made them ask permission to go to the bathroom (very annoying when you are trying to work with small groups), she let them take library books home that were checked out to me (I will never see them again, but luckily, we have an AWESOME librarian). I left ridiculously detailed instructions, there is no reason she needed to change all this. Oh, and I forgot- she just made up random word wall words and hand wrote them on my word wall! AHH! She also dug thru my stuff and hung random stuff on my calendar, made new word cards for the writing center (I guess she didn't like mine) and let the kids use my crayons and markers that were under my desk. I would have been ok if she had just let them use them, but she distributed my 50 colored pencils. Does that even make sense? Why would she do that? I haven't been able to really get any time to test or level the kids because I'm having to spend so much time reteaching routines and procedures like it is the first day of school.

I am supposed to be doing a 4 hour training online, but I stopped to blog. I've already done this exact training when I first started, but I am being asked to do it again, on my own time. I'm irritated because I only have a short time with Maverick and I'm having to use 4 hours to do this stupid training!

I think most of my blogs will be pretty cranky until summer. I went thru 13 years of public school, 6 years of college and 3 years of teaching and I have NEVER been looking so forward to summer so early in the year. Its only January!

Its gonna be a long year!

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