Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been wanting to blog, but suddenly my ordinary life doesn't seem all that bloggable.

I have been obsessively reading Kellie's blog about the pain she feels after her baby Maddie passed away. She has let us in her life at the most painful time any of us can imagine. Actually, I can't imagine it. I have been trying for a week to NOT imagine my sweet Maverick being taken away.

Suddenly it doesn't matter that my assistant principal thinks in incompetent, that I'm gaining back all the weight I lost after Maverick was born, that my students made basically no progress in the 12 weeks I was on maternity leave, that my check engine light came on...

If you will notice, most of my recent blog posts have been about leaving Maverick. I leave before it is light outside and get home just in time for him to eat and go to sleep. But the truth is I am lucky. Because he is there when I get home. When I get home he looks at me and smiles it makes my heart melt.

So, I will treasure every precious moment I have with him, and just know that I only have to be gone from him for 66 more school days... until then, I will try to focus on the time I HAVE with  him, rather than the time I don't.

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