Friday, October 12, 2012

The State Fair of Texas

Let me start this post by saying we LOVE the fair. Not like we kind of like it, or we look forward to it a little. We love the fair. We try all kinds of yummy food, look at the cars and most importantly- spend time together.

This year, it was extra special because as we were getting out if the car, C got called with a job offer. This job pays about $15,000 more than he made before. We were on top of the world as we went in.

This was m's first time at the fair and he seemed to like it. We went in the evening, which we won't do next year with M because a lot of the kid's stuff was closed when we got to it. The hands on farm was open, and he looked so cute in his little apron. At the end, he got a little dollar and he got to trade it in for cookies.

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