Friday, October 5, 2012

Congrats Bailey

Today we threw a little get together for B because he made the bowling team at school. He was on the team last year, and he shot a 300 at practice for tryouts, so it was no shock he made it, but we wanted to celebrate.

When my mom asked me to get a little something together, of course I went straight to Pinterest. All the party ideas were more for 8 year old boys, not teenagers. So I was on my own. Gasp!
I found these awesome free clip arts online and was super excited. To me, they are way better than just bowling pins and bowling balls.

I used them as inspiration for the whole party.
The banner was made by printing the clip art onto sticker paper, and backing it with shades of red, orange and yellow to match the flames.
Then, I stuck the squares onto a clothes pin. Sooo easy to hang up. I will be doing them this way from now on. 
I found this acrylic container on sale at Hobby Lobby. Its intended to be a personalized desk organizer, but it worked perfectly for silverware.
It was just clipart, sticker paper and black cardstock. I'm almost embarrassed how easy this all was. :) 

Just a flame print bandana from Hobby Lobby and black plates from Dollar Tree.

I just printed this out on sticker paper, and stuck it right on the cup.  They looked better in person... 

I'm pretty sure she just wanted me to bring cupcakes, but I saw an opportunity to make a fun party. :) I'm very pleased with how it came out. 
Sparkling lemonade- Country Time lemonade mix made with 7up instead of water.  We all really loved it. 
I was trying to do everything at the last minute and Nana helped. She formed the cheese ball into more of a loaf, but it was a huge hit non-the-less. Its coated with crushed cheese Doritos! 10 of us ate the whole thing in minutes. 
I had never made tortilla roll ups before, but I'm going to be making them again. I combined several recipes and came up with a very yummy end product.

I tried and tried to get a good picture of M in showing his support in his bowling shirt, but he wasn't being very cooperative. But here he is. 

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