Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We haven't been to storytime in WAY too long because I really dislike the whole way our town's library does it. So today we went to A Real Bookstore to give theirs a try. I was a little leary of going to a store because I pictured myself spending the whole time keeping him from pulling books off the shelf. But they actually had quite a bit of stuff out that they were supposed to play with so it worked out.

They read a book about a scarecrow- which I was glad to see because he is going to be a scarecrow for Halloween. He didn't listen to much of the story but he really enjoyed making a scarecrow and then he got a cookie. He's going through this little phase right now where he says no regardless of what you ask him. The lady chuckled when she asked if he liked his cookie and he said no with a mouthful. :)

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