Wednesday, March 30, 2011

running late

Every morning, I leave my house by 6:45, but this morning I was running late. I was almost out the door, and at the last minute, I stopped to quickly put some beans in the crock pot. But I didn't end up leaving my house until after 7 am.

I was driving the same route that I always drive, going 52 mph in a 40. You may be asking, how does she know exactly how fast she was going- do you see where this is going? I got pulled over. I knew as soon as I saw him that he was going to pull me over. But I was not nervous or scared. Usually when I get pulled over, I feel shaky- just because its kinda scary. Anyway, he came up to my window, asked for license and registration and said I was going 52 in a 40 and to slow down and have a nice day. He never even went back to his car to run my drivers license. I thought it was odd, but I was relieved because we are saving every extra penny for what I stay home next year.

So I go on about my way and I come upon a wreck. When I got there, they police and ambulance was just pulling up. Do you see where I am going now-

I think God sent that police officer to pull me over so I wasn't in that accident.

Hmm, it is something to think about...

Friday, March 25, 2011


If you do not know about Just Between Friends sale go check out

It is a consignment sale where you can buy and sell your kids used clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, strollers, carseats... pretty much any baby or child related thing.

This past Wednesday, I went to my first sale. I didn't really know what to expect. I went to the teacher presale. It started at 7, so I got there at 6:30- and there was already a line. By 7 when they let us in, there was a LONG line. But it was in a huge arena, so it wasn't crowded inside.

I got:
7 complete outfits,
8 shirts/ onsies
2 pair of shorts
2 swim trunks
8 soft cloth books
2 puppets

all for 86 dollars!

I'm gonna go back on Sunday when everything is half price and check it out.

I think I'm hooked. Its recycling in its best form, and you cannot tell that any of the clothes are used.

Oh, and I wanted to include pictures, but blogspot will not let me :( boo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love my husband

I'm so not a person to ever say that to other people. He knows I love him, and I'm sure that you all know this too. (based on the fact that we are indeed married and made the choice to have a baby)

But I don't mean I love him a little bit. I mean, I LOVE this man.

I don't even know where to start. I can't imagine my life without him, he makes me happy. We laugh constantly. That's a huge deal because life is way too short to be unhappy.
One of my favorite sayings is "A day without laughter is a day wasted." So true. We laugh even when things are bad. And then it makes things not so bad.

In the past he has worked 2 or even 3 jobs to help me through school.  I think he's a workaholic, but that's for another post. To make sure that I am able to be a stay at home mom, he will work many days from sunup to sundown, sometimes 7 days a week. He owns his own landscaping business, so this is physically demanding. He comes home exhausted, but proud of himself for a hard days work. I love it that he wants to provide for his family. I love it that no matter what happens, he WILL provide for us. I don't know how he does it, but he ALWAYS figures it out. Its like a gift that he has.

He loves our son- and that alone is reason to make me know I have a great husband. Not just a great husband, the best. He's such a good dad, and I have no idea where this came from, because he certainly didn't have a father that was any kind of role model. He's just a natural. He has never complained about getting up in the middle of the night, changing a dirty diaper (he gags and carries on, but no complaining). He is the primary caregiver for our son right now. Him and my grandma take turns watching him while I'm at work. And when Nana has Maverick, Christopher rushes right home to be with him.  I love it that he wants to spend time with our son.

I'm a very lucky lady to have him- and he will probably never even see this, so I'm not just saying that :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This has been my favorite Spring Break ever!

And I've had some good ones. :-)

On the first Saturday, I got my hair cut and a pedicure. Christopher and I went out on a date night to eat and to see Hall Pass. It was so nice to get to spend some time with him. Then Nana spent the night so we both got a full night's uninterupted rest! Even when Maverick sleeps all night, I don't because I'm checking on him so often. I still maintain that co-sleeping is the way to go because at least I don't have to get up to obsessively check him.

On Tuesday we went to the Dallas Arboretum. When we were waiting in line to get in, the lady in front of us asked us if we were interested in a bogo coupon- umm, yes! So it was half the price of what we were expecting. I'm so glad that we started with the Arboretum for Maverick's first big outing. We have this ficus tree in our living room that he has stared at from the very first day we brought him home. I've never understood why he was so interested in a plastic tree that doesn't do anything, but hey. He was a little overhwhelmed by all the people, colors and activity there. I tried to get his picture, but he would not smile. 

On Wednesday, we went and got his Easter pictures done and I LOVE THEM! Here are a few of my favorites:


Thursday was St Patricks Day...

We had such a great time playing and learning. Did I mention that I cannot wait to be a stay at home mom?!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I will not spend the whole weekend dreading going back to work...

Somehow it crept into my mind that Spring Break is almost over, and I can't seem to shake it. I never thought in a million years that I would be filled with such a sense of dread about going to my school.

I am a kindergarten teacher at a Title 1 school, meaning the majority of my students receive free or reduced lunch. I have always felt a tremendous sense of personal fulfillment by working with these particular kids. I felt like they needed me much more than kids that come into kindergarten already reading and writing. Many of my kids have no clue what a letter is and have never held a pencil and *I* am the one that in one short year gets them READING and WRITING! It is such a wonderful feeling when they start to get it.

To get these kids caught up takes a MASSIVE amount of work. At other schools they get to do more "fun" things. We get no art, music, puppets or even centers or work stations in the traditional way they are usually done. My principal would have a heart attack right in my classroom if she came in and found us coloring.

I spend A LOT of time going to extra trainings, reading online, collaborating with other teachers from other schools, planning and worrying about these kids- all on my own time. I've stayed many, many days well after my contract hours end to tutor my own kids, other people's kids- anyone that needs it.

God only knows how much money I have spent on shoes, clothes, breakfasts, lunches, field trips and things to make the classroom seem safe and homey. Oh dear, and probably thousands on school supplies. All in addition to the things I need for my daily teaching.

I'm wasting your time telling you all of this because about a month ago, the assistant principal called me into her office and told me (among other things) that I "blame the parents because I don't want to take the time to get to know my kids", that I'm not positive, that my parents don't like me, that I don't put in enough effort- this all went WAY past constructive criticism. It went on for 30 minutes and only stopped because I was crying hysterically and asked to be excused. And then she called me back the very next day to do it all over again. I must have told her 3 dozen times I didn't know what she wanted me to say and it just went ON and ON.
So now when I think about going to school, I feel like none of it is worth it. I bust my ass every day, only to be belittled, degraded, and quite frankly- verbally abused. When someone is hysterically crying and you keep ON and ON telling them what a terrible teacher they are- its harmful to a person.

And there are many other things that I feel are meant to further the harm. For example- for yearly evaluations- other teachers were allowed to put down their preferred day and time and she told them when she was coming so they could put on a dog and pony show and get "exceeds expectations" on their evaluations. I put down my 3 times (just like everyone else) and she just popped in at another day and time. I feel as if this was to "catch" me doing something wrong.

I have alluded to this a few times in other blogs, but finally decided that she would never see it. She denied my frien request on facebook, so somehow I doubt she would take the time to read my blog. Even as I type this, I feel better. Blogging is much cheaper than therapy :-). Thanks for listening!

I have had a WONDERFUL time at home with my sweet Maverick. NO ONE could EVER accuse me of not putting effort in with him. Only 55 school days until I'm a stay at home mom!!!

Oh, and I did this blog from my phone, so it hasn't been proof-read. Sorry :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 month check up

Today Maverick had his 4 month well baby check up.

He weighs: 18 pounds 7 ounces- 97th percentile
Length- 27 inches- 97th percentile
head- 17.5 inches- 95th percentile

I was pretty sure he was 20 pounds, but I'm relieved that he is 18 because that puts him further into the "normal" category for a baby his age.

* He wears 6-9 month clothes. I have no idea what size shoes he wears, because he doesn't wear shoes. He doesn't walk, so I really don't see the point in shoes.
* He can roll over from his back to his tummy
* He loves his hands and feet. He puts both in his mouth and is entertained by them for short periods of time.
* Nana introduced him to Barney. He loves it. At night, he refuses to go to sleep, so he is usually fussy... until he hears Barney. He will sit and watch it for the full 30 minutes. He doesn't really care for any other shows. I don't really like for him to watch tv (he is only 4 months old after all) but he is talked to and read to and sand to more than most kids, so I think its going to be ok.
* He is eating rice cereal, bananas and pears. I was going to make all of his baby food, but I did give him Earth's Best Organic pears. I will introduce new foods to him a little at a time. Next will be apples because he has already had apple juice, so I know he isn't allergic.
* He's really interested in us when we eat. He will follow the fork from your plate to your mouth. Then he opens his mouth and is irritated when no one feeds him.
* He doesn't really like having his picture taken. He will be smiling and laughing and I will try to get it and he will stop. I think he's on to me.
* the doctor said two different times he was ahead. (because he rolls from back to front rather than the other way, and because he puts his feet in his mouth)
* He LOVES bath time. He will splash and splash. Here is a picture of him in the bath tub. (picture blurred in case he ever wants to be president)

We will soon be finding a new pediatrician. The current one really made me mad today. We have made the choice not to vaccinate Maverick, which she knows about, and she ROLLED HER EYES AT ME. Umm, if you don't agree with my decision, that's fine. But just because you are a "doctor" doesn't give you the right to talk down to me. She was really condescending and I did not appreciate it. She tried to make me feel foolish for our decision and wouldn't accept the standard "we just don't feel it is for us". She wanted me to defend my position, but she knew from the start that she was going to "win" the argument. None of this happened last time, with this same doctor. 

As a general rule, I like to do things as naturally as possible. We don't really eat healthy, but we do eat mostly organic, and I try to buy only natural meats for Christopher. (I'm a vegetarian) Maverick isn't circumcised, because God gave him that foreskin for a reason, and I didn't think it was my place to cut a piece of him off. So I'm really not comfortable having foreign substances injected into my child's bloodstream. And the vaccinations may or may not cause Autism, auto-immune disorders, etc... and once its done, it cannot be undone. So I don't regret our decision not to vaccinate at all. But now I'm irritated because I have to find a new pediatrician. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I started this blog to record my pregnancy, and now Maverick's life. I've never been much of a diary or journal person, because what is the point of writing for just myself to see? I write to entertain, which I hope I have done in my latest, post-Paxil posts. (Say that 3 times fast)

I frequently think about blogging. Sometimes something will happen and I will think "I should blog about this." I'm not really sure why, as I only have 6 followers, but that's not really the point. I do this for me. Like, the other day when we left Maverick with my cousin Kendale- it was the first time he's been with anyone besides me, Christopher or Nana- that would have been a good blog, to record my anxiety about that. (I couldn't even EAT- that never happens!) Or Maverick's new Barney fascination. (He's not quite 4 months old, not sure why he even knows about Barney, but when you put it on, he stops and he will stare at it for like the whole 30 minutes. I'm still not sure why Nana put TV on for him when I SPECIFICALLY told her not to, but I guess that's better than a lot of things she could be doing. I know he is loved by her, so I can overlook this) See, wouldn't this have made a great blog post?

Anyway, I want to blog, but then I get home and see my sweet Maverick and I completely forget about everything. I know I should be doing lesson plans, or making dinner or laundry or any number of things that are falling behind. I don't want to do any of them. We can have cereal for dinner again. I want to play with Maverick. All day when I am at work, I'm wondering what he is doing.

I also occasionally want to blog to relieve stress. Like when I had a bad day at work. But, I am a teacher and they frown on publicly bashing colleagues or parents. I just read a news story about a lady that vented on her blog. I don't want to be a news story, so I will keep my thoughts to myself. 
But I think it would be helpful to write about them sometimes. Being a teacher is great. I love teaching Kindergarten, the students make my day. It is the adults that cause problems. I look forward to my new job, where I am valued, respected, and irreplaceable.

T minus 56 school days until I am a stay at home mom. :-) WOOHOO

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Savings, anxiety and rolling over

And the award for most random title goes to... me :-)

As part of my efforts to be a stay at home mom, I have made it my mission to save on as many things as possible. Maverick needed a jumper. So we went to Kid to Kid and Once Upon a Child and I didn't like any of them that they had. I'm a teacher, I have to have things as educational as possible... So I went to Babies R Us. The one I liked was 119.99, so we didn't buy it. I never buy something that expensive without doing online research to see if I could find it cheaper. Long story short, I never did the research (more on that later) but I decided he needed it asap, so I went back to BRU to get it. They had a floor model on sale for 45.90! I was so excited!

Here he is enjoying his new bouncer (after it was *thoroughly* cleaned) And, he doesn't even care that it was the floor model. That's my boy ;-)

As you may notice, the tone of my blog has changed. It has gone from whiny, depressing, whoa-is-me, to my normal comical self. This is a result of the wonders of Paxil. For those of you who are not acquainted with my dear friend Paxil, it is an anti-anxiety/anti-depressant. It really makes me feel like ME again. Maybe now we can get on with this blog with a sense of humor :-) A few posts ago, you will notice that I mentioned one of the side effects was anxiety. Well, I am happy to announce that I am not having that symptom, but I am having another- low appetite! Its a win-win! But maybe now I can get on with my life, instead of living in a cloud like I have been for the last few weeks/months. I wasn't wanting to do anything, I was crying all the time, my heart would race, and the most scary- my thoughts would be fuzzy, almost like I was disoriented. Scary stuff! But I think I'm back. Look out world :-0 

Rolling over. 
My dear, sweet, gifted Maverick rolled over today. For the last few days, he has been rolling up on his side, but he wasn't quite sure how to get his arm out of the way. So tonight when he was on his side, I was watching him (because that's what I do) and he just roooolllleeeeddd over. I say it like that because the whole thing seemed to take a lllllloooooonnnnngggg time. So I called Christopher down and he immediately noticed that Maverick was on his tummy and when he went up, he was on his back. So, Christopher put him back on his back and he did it again! And he's been doing it all evening. SO CUTE! 

So that was my day. I must go now because I hear Maverick saying AHHahhAHHahh to Christopher. Thats his new thing- yelling. Not like he's upset, just a loud voice. Its quite cute- I think even you would agree. :-)