Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catch up post: our anniversary

This August was our fifth anniversary so we wanted to do something special. We decided to spend the night at Miss Mollie's, a historic hotel in the Ft Worth Stockyards. This was perfect for us because it was less than an hour from Maverick- we weren't really ready to be too far away from him quite yet.

We got there in the early afternoon so we could walk around and shop and eat. I could tell a huge difference in my stamina since I've been losing weight. I was actually able to keep up with C and didn't need to stop every 5 feet to rest and catch my breath.

As we were walking around, the sky was getting darker and darker. We knew a storm was imminent but chose to keep walking because we didn't want to just sit in the room. I hoped it was going to be a quick summer shower- it was not! It poured and I was wearing flip-flops so I couldn't really run. So we got SOAKED. C was so sweet, he walked slow with me and go soaked and gave me his hat so the rain didn't get in my eyes. <3 We made it to The Maverick, a western wear store because I really wanted to get M a shirt but they didn't have any logo shirts.

When we were done, it was still pouring, so we went a few doors down to The White Elephant Saloon. It was one of the places I really wanted to go, just maybe not at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. :)

Since we started drinking at 3, the rest isn't super clear but we did go eat, and checked out a few more bars. We ended up spending most of the night in The Basement Bar, a cute little dive bar right downstairs from our hotel.

We had a GREAT time, made a lot of new memories, laughed, shopped, had WAY too much to drink. I'm so glad we went and I can't wait to go back.

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