Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catch up post: the Dallas Zoo

Last week we went to the zoo and it was the perfect day. I will say, I enjoy the zoo myself so I would like it amyway, but it is so much fun watching m learn and discover. The dallas zoo is perfect because everything is designed with kids in mind- even down to 2 sets of handrails on the steps so the little ones can hold on by themselves.

The weather was perfect, a little humid at times but much better than the 100 degrees it sometimes is in September. And best of all- it was not crowded at all! We had the whole place almost to ourselves.

My favorites were the penquins because they swam right up to the glass to check us out, and the giraffes because they come right up to you too. We could have reached out and petted it if any of us were sure it wasn't going to eat our hand off.

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