Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lunch with Santa

A few weeks ago, we took M to get his picture made with Santa, but at the time I don't think he knew what the big deal was. We have been reading Christmas books, watching Christmas movies and seeing fun Christmas stuff everywhere. So this time he was excited when he saw Santa. He screamed "TA" when he came in and wasn't too afraid when the Santa came up to him and talked. He ate his little lunch, colored a picture and then Santa read "The Night Before Christmas" - which we have read over and over so he knew the story. M thought it was cool that Santa had the same book we did. :)

When we were waiting in line, wrme talked about what he wanted Santa to bring and of course M said ball. But when the time came to sit in his lap he got nervous but he never screamed or cried like most of the other kids. I'm sure we will see Santa somewhere else before Christmas and hopefully by then he will be warmed up to the idea. :)

After he decorated a cookie and got a goodie bag. The city of Allen does an Easter bunny lunch and we will probably do that too.

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