Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decorating the tree

Some of my best memories involve picking out the Christmas tree. We always went the day after Thanksgiving and I remember walking around looking for just the right one. Looking back now, I realize just the right one was usually the biggest on the lot but my grandpa always got it for me.

Holidays really bring back so many memories. When M was decorating the tree, I was overwhelmed with memories. Nana was helping him put ornaments on top of the tree with the step ladder I used as a child- and I'm pretty sure my mom used as a child too.

This year, I just picked up inexpensive, unbreakable ornaments. I didn't want to have to tell M no over and over. Its too tempting with a sparkling, twinkling tree... Christmas is supposed to be for kids, not about a beautiful tree. M put all the ornaments on himself and he's very proud of it. I think it just might be the best Christmas tree I have ever seen <3

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