Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love being a stay at home mom.  Maverick doesn't have to go to daycare with strangers, and we get to spend time together and make memories. Its really amazing watching him learn and grow and by being a sahm, I never have to miss anything. So for the most part, its a pretty great job. 

BUT, the downside of being a STAY AT HOME mom, is the staying at home most of the time. Me and Christopher are sharing a car right now, and by sharing I mean he has it 99% of the time. When I thought about being home with Maverick I was thinking about going to Gymboree and story time and the zoo and all these wonderful things. But in reality, Gymboree is 89 dollars a month for 4 classes, story time is before we wake up, and its been too cold to go to the zoo. 

I'm really feeling the stress of the isolation from other adults. Christopher is working all the time, and we are both too tired so the meaningful conversations are few and far between. I tried to join a few playgroups on meetup.com, but most of them don't have activities for a 14 month old. I think it will be better after May because Maverick will be 18 months and there is a lot more he can do then, like classes through the city and playing at the indoor bounce house place... 

Apparently Maverick is feeling it too. He was looking out the window so sadly, like he just wanted to go out there. So, my goal is to actually wake up and take C to work so I can have the car and get out and do some stuff! Wish me luck :-) 

(ignore the ugly blinds. No really, stop looking at them) 

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  1. I wish the kids and I were closer to come play with you and Maverick! I get those feelings sometimes. BLAH!