Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maverick's Birthday Party

Today was Maverick's birthday party. From the beginning I was determined to make everything myself. I would have loved a cute theme, but Maverick LOVES Barney, so the theme was decided for me.

It started with the invitations. I wanted people to get a fun, colorful surprise in the mailbox. Did you know that you can mail virtually anything that is less that 13 ounces? Even an empty Gatorade bottle that you have filled with colorful paper :-)

I'm sure not one noticed, but I was sticking with the colors in the Barney color scheme- purple, green, yellow and orange. Even the food was all that color

I made a banner of how he changed over the year and hung it above the food- where I knew everyone would see it! 
I also made a banner for the fireplace. I was a little disappointed that the people at the party didn't oohh and ahh over it, but I liked it. 

I also made the cupcakes, the cupcake stand, and the smash cake:

I wasn't happy with my lack of cake board, or the way the icing turned out. It was SOOO humid this morning, none of the icing acted like it normally does, and I couldn't get it smooth enough. But it was homemade, and I would rather have a lumpy homemade cake made with love than a perfect store bought cake.

He needed a cute shirt, and of course I made that too...

The favors are a lucky find from the 99 cent store. Its so hard to find Barney products in the store. All the packages had broken pieces, so I repacked them in just a ziplock bag with leftover paper from all the other projects. 

Maverick is so lucky to have so many people come to celebrate his first year. His aunts and cousins drove in from Austin and West Texas to celebrate with us, and there were a total of 22 people there. Not a bad turnout. 

I didn't get enough pictures of M with different people, but luckily Bridget made sure we got one of the 3 of us: 
Obviously, Maverick couldn't be disturbed from eating his cake to take a picture :-) 

But I am exhausted from getting everything ready. M is too- this is him, about an hour and a half into the party :-) 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 year check up

M had his one year check up today.

He weighs 28 pounds- >98th percentile
He is 80cm long-92 percentile

The doctor wants to measure his head again in a month because it is way off the charts, but she wasn't too concerned because he is a pretty big kid all over.

This appointment was pretty uneventful, I didn't even have a thousand questions. :-)

I really like it that his pediatrician opened an office in Wylie recently. Its hard enough to find one that doesn't hassle about vaccinations- but now she is only 5 minutes away.

He is saying a few words:
Mama (rarely)
Dada (often- not fair but oh well)
Car (we sit on our porch and watch the cars drive by)
And more that we don't quite understand yet

He started walking about 3 weeks ago, and is getting better and better each day. Now he is walking more than crawling and is able to start and stop without toppling over.

He loves to roll a ball, "read" books, take things out of a box and sometimes put them back

He hates to have his diaper changed, clothes put on or face washed because he has things to do and doesn't like to be slowed down.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maverick's first birthday

Today is Maverick's first birthday.

At this time a year ago, they were just deciding I needed a c-section and calling the doctor in.

I thought I would be emotional today, but it doesn't seem real. He is a pretty spoiled kid so when he's getting all the attention and people are bringing him gifts its just another day to him. I think I will be emotional on the day of his party.

We ran some errand this morning, then C came home for lunch. We wanted to do a picnic, but it was very humid and yucky outside. But after lunch M slept for 2.5 hours- that NEVER happens. On a good day he sleeps 45 minutes.

Nana came over and gave him some presents, and his aunt sent some stuff for him to open today.
It cracks me up that Nana put it in a Christmas bag- that I gave her a Christmas present in last year. :-)

Then, we went to the park. It was still pretty yucky outside, but we wanted to do something outside because he loves to be outside.

I really wanted to get his picture with the letters O N E so I could make a collage, but he wasn't really all that interested in it.

All the letters ended up on the ground before I could get a picture. But we will try again tomorrow.

All in all, it was an ok first birthday. I cannot believe he is a year old. He is growing too fast :(