Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maverick's first birthday

Today is Maverick's first birthday.

At this time a year ago, they were just deciding I needed a c-section and calling the doctor in.

I thought I would be emotional today, but it doesn't seem real. He is a pretty spoiled kid so when he's getting all the attention and people are bringing him gifts its just another day to him. I think I will be emotional on the day of his party.

We ran some errand this morning, then C came home for lunch. We wanted to do a picnic, but it was very humid and yucky outside. But after lunch M slept for 2.5 hours- that NEVER happens. On a good day he sleeps 45 minutes.

Nana came over and gave him some presents, and his aunt sent some stuff for him to open today.
It cracks me up that Nana put it in a Christmas bag- that I gave her a Christmas present in last year. :-)

Then, we went to the park. It was still pretty yucky outside, but we wanted to do something outside because he loves to be outside.

I really wanted to get his picture with the letters O N E so I could make a collage, but he wasn't really all that interested in it.

All the letters ended up on the ground before I could get a picture. But we will try again tomorrow.

All in all, it was an ok first birthday. I cannot believe he is a year old. He is growing too fast :(

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  1. I love that little face! He's such a sweet & happy boy! Happy 1st Birthday Maverick!