Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Teething is not fun for anyone involved.

Maverick has been fussy, whiny, and clingy. Three things he has never been before. He has also had a low appetite (that certainly never and has been running a low fever for a few days.

We are hoping that the tooth will go ahead and break through any time... but we have been hoping that for a few days now.

I hate that he is in pain. We have tried all kinds of remedies. I even ordered him an amber necklace that is said to help. I'm irritated that it isn't in yet, he will have a mouth full of teeth by the time it finally gets here. :(

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  1. have you tried the teething tablets they work for my daughter i got her an amber necklace and she just got fussier but my nephew also has one and it works really well for him. I also just bought my daughter a stuffed dog that has teethers on as it's feet and it works great for her just to chew on it idk if you have any toys like that but it's really been working for my daughter and i give her tylonal (sp?) when she get a fever.