Monday, October 18, 2010

New Here

Hi Guys!

I'm just setting this up so I can share news about our lives...

I'm 36 weeks, 4 days pregnant and working is really starting to get me! Being a kindergarten teacher isn't easy on the best of days, but 9 months pregnant- its almost impossible!

I go to see my midwife tomorrow, and I hope she tells me its going to be sooner than 3 weeks. I would really like Maverick to be born in October. My birthday is in October, Nana's birthday is in October and Pal's birthday was in October... But I'm thinking it is going to be November.

I'm starting to get really nervous about when it is all going to happen. What if I'm at school?! That would NOT be good at all.

More posts to come, when I have more to say. :-)

Thanks for reading

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